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An Abundance Of Pyramid Schemes


Are you a candidate for working at home on your computer? You might just be, but there are some hot issues you need to understand first. Not all companies or job sites have legitimate offers. This has become a hot …

How To Play GTA 5 Mobile On Android?

GTA V FOR ANDROID is here! It’s finally come. People have waited a long time for this game to be released. Many gamers have been waiting for the game to be released for a long time, and it looks like

How to Turn Off the Camera Sounds on Your iPhone


Although it does not affect users, many people feel uncomfortable when the sound of the camera appears from their phones, especially when they take photos by iPhone. On Android, you can turn off the camera sounds easy.

But on the …

Toshiba Satellite A505-S6980: product review


At first impression, you really can’t argue that Toshiba Satellite A505-S6980 looks nice. It has got some features too that are ideal for students and professionals alike. But beyond that, how does this laptop model fair against other laptops in

5 Tips to Solve Your Wireless Adapter or Access Point Problems


Have you ever tried to connect your laptop or device to a wireless router and found that it was not working as expected? Wireless adapters are designed with compatibility in mind, but sometimes their slight differences can cause problems. This …

Browser-based apps to make your life easier


I hate it when I have to log in to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn to check on the status of those sites. By the end of it and including email, I might have 8-10 tabs open–on …

Unlimited Hits to your Web Site using Traffic Exchanges


In this article I will give you an easy guide on where to find good Traffic Exchanges and what you can do to maximise your traffic by building a great network of “employees” to click for you. We’ll also go …

How To Install Motherboard Drivers: Do This to Make It Easier


Many people make the mistake of installing the wrong drivers for their motherboard. Installing the correct drivers is a must for a stable and optimized computer performance. If you are trying to install your old motherboard into a new case, …

Top Mobile Golf Apps


Whether you are an expert Golf player or novice, when it comes to Golf related Apps for Ipad/ Iphone, we would suggest trying out the following. We tried several golf apps and here are our favourite few Golf apps:


Why Is My Computer Very Slow? Check Your RAM


Our two best and easiest methods of curing the “computer very slow” problem – adding RAM and organizing and cleaning up your registry. Together you should have a healthier and faster computer.

RAM is Random Access Memory or simply short …