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Hot Careers with Click-and-Mortar Businesses


A click-and-mortar business is a company that conducts business at a physical location as well as online, via the Internet. Prior to the major success of online e-tailer, most retail companies only existed as brick and mortar companies – or stores with physical storefronts. However, since the late 1990s, the Internet has become a major source of revenue for many retailers and small business owners alike.
As a result of this new form of revenue, new jobs have opened up for people in the online and physical storefront. Some of the more common jobs exist in customer service, shipping and receiving, and web design, to name a few. This article discusses the career opportunities for individuals who are interested in pursuing work with a click-and-mortar business and provides strategies on how to obtain these jobs.
One of the primary careers with click-and-mortar businesses is customer service. All companies require customer service to thrive and survive in the very competitive marketplaces in which they exist. In this day and time, the advent of the computer has enabled the consumer to gain an extraordinary upper-hand in identifying the best products to buy, obtain consumer feedback, and do comparison shopping for the best price. One of the main distinguishing factors in purchases is customer service. If someone purchases a product, they want to be sure the product is backed by solid customer support for questions, product returns, and other issues. No matter how streamlined a company’s online storefront may be customer service serves as one of the backbones to a company’s ultimate success.
To get a career in customer service, typically doesn’t require very formal or higher level education, other than a high school diploma or GED. More importantly, it requires a positive, upbeat personality of one who is sincerely committed to working diligently at providing the best representation of a company that one can.
Besides customer service, the next major career that is required for click-and-mortar businesses is the area of marketing. Marketing is crucial to the vitality and sustainability of a corporation. Without adequate marketing, a company may have a superior product but the general population will remain unaware without effective marketing. Jobs in this area typically require a college degree and are best suited for someone who is creative, forward-thinking, and adaptable to the ever-changing and fluid marketplace.
Lastly, web design and content management are other significant areas of click-and-mortar businesses. The primary functions in this area include someone who designs the Internet storefront, produces and edits the content of the site, and developers who write the coding and ensure the project is completed in adherence to the budget and allocated timeframe. For these types of positions, a college degree isn’t entirely necessary – companies primarily want someone with experience and knowledge who can handle and meet their Internet needs.
The best way to find jobs in these areas includes attending career fairs, searching online at various corporate websites, and perusing job boards. If you want to work for a particular company, it is also advantageous to network and begin to interact with others who are currently employed in these fields.

How to Start an Online Craft Business


I first became interested in the do-it-yourself world about four years ago. I discovered a few crafting websites and became even more interested in the e-commerce world of selling handmade items online. I have watched, researched and studied what other people have been making and the community is certainly growing and expanding.
My first suggestion is do some research. Take a look on the search engines and find what other people are selling and where they are selling it. A popular website for selling handmade goods is Etsy has helped many artists developed a huge fan base and have overwhelming success. Of course, if your items do not stand out it is easy to get lost in the masses of coaster and cozies.
Figure out what you are good at making and fine-tune your skill. Make a list of what makes your items stand out from the rest. For example, you could have superb design, a keen sense of color combinations and use high quality products. Good craftsmanship and original designs are a winning combination and will be a huge key to your success.
There are so many marble magnets out there that I almost find it hard to believe that people still sell these. They were a hit, a couple of years ago and the market is simply saturated. You have to stand out, be yourself, and most of all have a high level of creativity.
Another good idea is to start developing your first line. Have brainstorming sessions with yourself or with a close friend. Find out what appeals to you, and what you want your work to say about you. Pick up magazines and books for inspiration. Collect images and colors that you want to incorporate in your designs.
In the beginning stages of your work it’s a good idea to develop your contacts. A good way to do this is by starting a blog. Record your projects, thoughts and inspiration and get people involved in your online shop reveal. One way to get your blog popular is by leaving comments on other blogs to get the word out about yourself. Writing on forums is another effective way to bring traffic to your blog and eventually your online shop.
During the creation process of your line, begin to think about packaging and shipping. Learn how much it will cost to ship various items and keep the shipping cost fair, a lot of customers will turn away if they feel that your shipping cost is much higher than it actually is. Packaging can really help your business. So many times I’ve bought items from sellers and was really astonished at the care they took in sending their products. A thank you note and decorative paper can go along way with repeat customers.
Some other aspects of your business to consider are the visual aspects of your site and photography. Make sure that your blog, store and advertisements have banners and logos. Make sure that they go together visually and are appealing to look at. When taking photographs of your products avoid putting them on the floor or on your bed as these are not the most flattering back drops to high light your products in.
Get creative, take your stuff outside or find visually unique and appealing places in your home to arrange your items. For example, if you make handbags consider hanging them from a tree or putting them in public places to make a nice background. Make sure that your goods are the center of the photograph and do not get lost in the background. Use high quality and high resolution photographs for best web results. When choosing models, please consider that a lot of people may turn away from hats on a models head or shirts on someone’s body. Perhaps you could use sample items to display on people to show what it will look like on someone, but make it clear that the item they will be getting has never been worn.
Considering your models appearance is also important, it may be a bit superficial to think that people would judge your work based on your model, but would you buy clothing from a regular store that used models that looked dirty, sweaty or that the clothes did not fit properly?
Finally, be confident in your work and always remember that the devil is in the details.

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How Social Networking Is a Key to Online Marketing Success?


Social Networking is very important as it helps individuals to connect with others, improve their skills, learn from others, build social networks, and find people with similar interest. It is not a new concept as the Internet was actually built on social networking; however, it has become increasingly popular in the last couple of years as more people are using it. In fact, it has become a key component of business marketing campaigns.

If you are running your own business, you need to think about social networking as one of the best ways to reach out to your customers. As you know, Internet marketing is not as popular as it was in the past because people have other ways of getting information and interact with others, especially if they are using dial up connections. If you want to use Social Networking to your advantage, you will need to learn the ropes. You can do this by joining a few of the top social sites in your niche, or you can join several social networks that are related to your business. This is the first step towards a successful social networking marketing campaign.

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If you have not tried Social Networking, there is no better way for you to start learning the ropes of Internet marketing and how to market your business online. You will need to sign up for a free account with at least two or three of the top sites in your niche. Once you have set up an account, you will need to find friends from your area who are also looking for ways to network with others in the same niche or you can take advantage of the social networks you already have.

The best place to start is a freebie blog. Not only will these blogs give you tips, strategies and advice, but you will also meet other bloggers. These bloggers are willing to share tips, strategies, products and freebies for you to use.

While you may feel uncomfortable posting your profile online, don’t let that stop you from interacting with other people as it will help you get to know them more and you will be able to interact with them as a real person. You should also consider adding your email address on your profile. because then you will be able to receive free gifts and emails.

Remember, social networking is not just about networking with others but it is also about networking with the Internet users around the world. You can become successful in your online marketing campaign if you build relationships with people you come into contact with. Make friends with people, get tips and advice, learn to communicate, and network, and share ideas.