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Today, we are going to talk about how to promote your content. Writing quality content is one thing but if its not being seen in your niche what good is it doing for your business.

Back in 2012, I got into writing blogs but they never really seemed to reach anyone. I was with a prior company and used a blog site that was given to me through the company.

Let me add I knew nothing about blogging at all.

I was just writing hoping people would see my blogs, buy into my story, and the money would come flowing in. That is what I was told was going to happen!

Matter of fact none of the above happened it was quite the opposite I was waisting time. This is why Im going to tell you how to promote your content.

I knew I was missing something. I dug deeper in my training and was told to promote the blog sites on my social media account. I remember this like it was yesterday.

I shared one of my blogs on my twitter account and low n behold one of my followers hit me up to see what I was doing. I hopped on the phone with this individual and was able to recruit this person in my business.


At this time you have been writing quality content one your site. Lets dig deeper and start promoting your post so you can get more eyes on your site.

Then, at the end of this post I will add a bonus blog post from Neil Patel (I hope you know who he is, if not google him). This will give you a clear idea of how and what you should be blogging about regarding your niche.

3 Simple Ways to Promote Your Content

1. Social Media – There are countless of social media platforms out there. Facebook, twitter, linkedin, and google + are some of the popular ones.

After writing your blog post share it with the world. This is the easiest ways to share your content.

Dont just throw it out there either. Put a small detailed sentence as to what a reader is to expected to gain out of reading your content (very important).

Later we will go over how social media works and what methods work.

2. Email – Is an awesome way to get eyes on your content. This is work particularly well if you have a list (there is a technique to this), or if you are doing a review on a company you can email the executives of the company.

Believe it or not some companies take it as constructive criticism if done properly and tasteful. Have to give real facts or examples not assumptions.

Stay tuned later on for email marketing that will convert your leads into $$$

3. Outsourcing – is a effortless way of doing things if you have a budget that can sustain this. It doesnt take long to promote your post but if you dont want to mess with that at all, then you will probably find this attractive to your situation.

Just make sure that the person or company you have outsourcing for you are equipped with what you need to win. I wont put any companies names out here only because there are a lot out there for you to choose from. Just google it.

If you follow these three how to promote your content steps you will start generating leads if done correctly. Notice, Im not saying spam your content everywhere. It wont work any way!

Just share it, and let the people appreciate your thoughts and hard work. People want to be informed so make sure you keep that quality content coming.

Bonus Below From Neil Patel as Promised

This is one of my mentors on the internet and one of the leading online marketers. I read one of his blog post today which actually was the reason why I wrote this post today.

In this post, Im about to reveal to you are secrets for marketing and he reveals different sources you can use to write reviews, blog post, etc. Click here now to see post…

Be sure to put a comment below if you have a particular subject you want me to expand on. I will be happy to do this for you. Also share this post and help someone else in need.


Cheers and Be Yourself,

Jacobi G