Hoverboards seem to be the new funk that people love these days. The question on everyone’s mind is how to increase the battery life of the Hoverboard. The hoverboards use a battery that can last longer based on your usage. Below are some of the tips that will help you increase the battery life of a Hoverboard.

Never Let it Drain Fully

This applies to any battery out there. You would not want to drain the battery fully before recharging. Most people who tend to ignore the low battery message, they end up with a battery of shorter life span. When your power drops below 20%, try to recharge it as soon as possible. You are allowed to let the battery drain fully only once a month. This full drainage of the charge is meant to help in recalibrating the battery. It will be able to tell the accurate percentage of the remaining charge after the recalibration.

Avoid overcharging the battery

Many of us have the tendency of leaving the battery to keep on charging even when the battery indicates it is full. You need to unplug the hoverboard from the mains to save its battery. Sometimes we do the same with the smartphone batteries, that is why they tend to wear down quite quickly. The hoverboard battery life will depend on simple caring tips such as this one.

Do not let the Batter to Overheat

This is another obvious way of conserving any other battery, but still applies to the hoverboard battery life too. You should never allow the battery to get too overheated. The overheating is because of the overusing of the device. The device will keep on drawing a lot of power from the battery, making it to overheat at some point.

After using the device for hours, consider giving it some time to cool down. The overheating of the internal hoverboard parts can always lead to damage of the parts too.

Never Short Circuit the Battery

The hoverboard battery life is still affected in cases of short circuits. Some cases of short-circuiting can lead to the battery explosion. You have to consider keeping your wiring of the device neat and organized. The continuous crossing of naked wires inside the device is what can ultimately lead to cases of short-circuiting. Other than exploding, the hoverboard battery is likely to keep deteriorating at a faster rate than normal.

Storage of a Hoverboard battery

You might be taking a trip and the hoverboard will remain unused for a long time. You have to ensure the battery is stored properly to maintain its battery life span. Several ways can be used to store the battery, which include the removal of the battery from the hoverboard. When left in the hoverboard, it will keep on discharging even when it is unused.

Consider storing the battery in a cool place. Cool does not mean too much coldness. Too much cold will actually destroy the hoverboard battery. You can store in a cupboard or any other place that does not have either too much heat or cold. When you get back, you can simply plug in your battery and start using the hoverboard again.