Traffic is the ticket to success online and this post will help get you there. There are 2 kinds of traffic…lots of traffic or no traffic. I have a question for you: where would you set up your Cotton Candy Business? In the centre of a bustling Carnival Show or at the end of a dead end street? I have a feeling you know the answer.

“That’s obvious but how do I find out where to park my business?”…you ask. “And just where is this hungry audience?”

Well…you park yourself on the front page of Google. Please don’t go all agog just yet because I will explain how to do this…the easy way. So you ask…”How do I increase traffic to my website by ranking on the first page of google, the easy way?”

Getting great google rankings is easier than you think. I’m going to tell you about an approach that will teach you how to Increase traffic to your website with any niche you have chosen. It’s a sneaky little traffic technique I have learned.


If getting more traffic is a concern of yours, there is a simple trick you can use that gets great results. I will unveil my little secret in a minute but first I want to explain a little about keywords and phrases and how they affect you and your competition.

Getting ranked on the first page of google is like a mad race to the finish line. That’s everyone’s goal. This means there is a huge amount of competition for the best keywords and phases.

Let me explain…

The majority of people are struggling to get visitors to their site, because they are all vying for the SAME highly competitive keywords. Odds are, they are being ranked on pages 2 – 10 of the search engines…if they’re lucky. It’s a losing battle unless you are an expert internet marketer who is proficient at SEO.

So, my question to you is… “why slug it out with High Competition Keywords… why not hand pick the lower completive keywords that will rank your site on the 1st page of google?”.

Here’s the strategy: Getting 10 clicks a day is better than being on page 2 of google where you get NO CLICKS. I know what you are thinking… “Ten clicks a day…are you kidding me?”. Okay…just hold onto your hat, there’s more.

If you were to hand pick 100 low competition keywords that would get you 10 clicks a day each, would you be interested? You had better of said YES because…once you have integrated these 100 words or phrases into your next 2 months worth of posting, your website would be getting 1000 clicks a day. Not bad!

10 clicks a day X 100 low hanging fruit keywords = 1000 clicks a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This may seem like the long way around but, I guarantee, you will see faster results and then… something magic happens…the snow ball effect takes over.

The first thing on your agenda is to concentrate on finding 100 ‘low competition keywords’ for your niche website. Now the fun part… I’m going to show you how to find these keywords in minutes using an awesome keyword tool that does all the work. If you know of a keyword tool that you can use, that’s fine but there is only one tool for this girl and that’s Jaaxy.

I am going to walk you through an example by choosing a keyword phase, put it in Jaaxy’s Keyword Tool Software, click a button and get awesome keywords, phases and niche ideas in seconds. I will be looking for results that have the following criteria…

* Less than 100 competing sites – give or take.
* More than 50 monthly searches – give or take.

Here’s Jaaxy at work. I’m going to use “how to clean your nose” as a keyword phase. No laughing it’s actually not a bad niche. Okay…lets see what happens. YOU CAN RIGHT CLICK ON THE IMAGE THEN… OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW… TO MAKE IT BIGGER!

Literally, in seconds I found a couple dozen great, keywords that have 50 + monthly searches and, amazingly, low competition. And…that was my first search. I would find more if I change the search slightly.

I’m sure, by now, you are getting the picture. These words are getting anywhere for 32 to 100′s of monthly searches and a competition stat as low as 0. Amazing. Just imagine, if you found 100 of these keywords, place them in your content and then watch the magic happen.

My suggestion to you is…stop fighting for the high competition keyword phrases! All you need to do is create quality content using your fabulous, newfound keywords. Okay, you might have to write a number of posts in order to use up 100 keywords but…hey…look out Google!

I hope this post has fired up some ideas for you…go ahead and try this strategy. Please let me know what you think. The comment box is below.