Being eco-friendly might not be your top priority when it comes to your business. But in the current climate, it’s so important to think about the environment. And not only this but waste costs companies a lot every year. And at the beginning of your small business, it’s money you can’t afford to lose. However, a lot of companies don’t know what they could be doing differently to be more eco-friendly. Therefore, here are some tips you need to make your small business more eco-friendly.



A lot of businesses have their office lights on throughout the day. They switch them on in the morning and don’t turn them off again until they finish work in the evening. But they are actually unnecessary if you have natural light in your office. And you could save a lot of energy (and money) if you do switch them off. After all, the reason why your energy bills are so high could be down to these lights being on for such long hours. Therefore, position the desks as close to the windows as you can in the office to ensure everyone enjoys the natural light. And get some blinds which people can use to stop the glare on your computer. By doing this, your company will save a ton of money and energy! And if you do need to switch on the lights during the winter months, make sure you have eco-friendly bulbs installed!



It’s not enough to just put things in the bin every day. After all, they might not get recycled properly meaning you could be causing a ton of waste. Therefore, it could be worth looking into some form of machine which can help you to recycle more efficiently. It might be the case that you go for a plastic grinder. With one of these, it will ensure all plastic is recycled properly which will not only reduce waste but it will stop your details being passed on to a complete stranger. After all, things like USB sticks might actually contain sensitive information that you don’t want to end up in the wrong hands! And remember to always send old pieces of tech off to a recycling company. After all, there is so much tech waste these days. And by doing this, you might earn some extra money while saving the planet too!


It’s so easy to print of everything from your computer. After all, you might want to ensure you have a backup copy just in case your computer breaks. But while you are printing out everything, you will be wasting a ton of paper. And a lot of it will ultimately end up in the shredder! Therefore, only print off if it’s necessary. The rest of the time, just make sure it’s safely on your computer. And then use an external hard copy or a USB stick to create a backup copy. Or you could even use a program like Dropbox  to ensure it’s safe whatever occurs with your computer.

And remember to turn off computers at the end of the day. After all, you don’t want to leave them on to use a ton of energy while you and your employees are at home!