The best pet crates to purchase depend on your particular needs and how the crates will be used. When purchasing a crate consider the pet’s comfort, safety, and security. The best pet crates are durable and sturdy. The walls should be sturdy enough that they will not buckle under the weight of the pet. Latches and fasteners should be durable and tough enough not to break if the pet is trying to get out of the crate. A crate should be big enough for a pet to stand up, turn around, and lie down without difficulty.


There are different kinds of pet crates. Wire crates are best for pet owners who need to keep their pets secure in one place. Wire crates are totally made of wire bars attached to form a durable box-like cage that permit pets to see out on all sides. These crates can be used inside or outside the house. Inside the home they provide a secure space and also help in training young pets. Outside they protect pets from wandering or being hurt by stray animals while giving pets fresh air and sunlight. They have dividers which can be removed as the pet grows. They also fold up flat for easy storage. The wire bars allow for ventilation. The best wire crate should have bars that are close enough together to ensure that the pet doesn’t get hung between the bars. Wire crates are the most expensive of the crate types.


Plastic crates are pet crates made of hard plastic that usually have a handle on the top for ease of carrying. The metal or plastic door has a latch lock. They are lighter weight than wire crates and come in different colors. They are great for traveling and provide protection to pets while in vehicles. They are also airline-approved, so these are the best option for plane travel. They are ideal for use in emergency situations. They can be used as pet beds, especially for smaller pets. Since these are solid plastic boxes with ventilation coming through bars on the doors and a few side slits, pets stay warm and feel secure in them. Plastic crates come in a variety of sizes which accommodate small to very large pets. Plastic crates do not have dividers, so they don’t accommodate a growing pet.
Soft crates are not as durable as other crates. They are used for smaller pets. They are made of waterproof canvas or fabric material. This makes them softer, so they are ideal for comfort. They are made with handles for easy transport. They come in a variety of colors and designs. They can be used for transporting pets, but they are not as sturdy as plastic crates, and therefore they are not as safe.
The best pet crates are durable, secure, and safe for pets. Sometimes owners will purchase two kinds of crates, one for the home and a separate crate for travel. You can find a large selection of pet crates available at local or online pet retailers.