In Short : It is the last time you will take pictures before your wedding day.
It is a time to celebrate your love and make memorable pictures that will be kept forever.
and in 10 , 20 , 30 years you can look back and remember a very special moment in your life.

Engagement sessions are important for many good reasons. They allow you to get acquainted with your photographer, and vice versa, they also offer you and your fiance’ a chance to get accustomed to being in front of the camera. Consider your engagement shoot as the practice for your wedding day! Furthermore, this photo session celebrates an important time in your lives. There is a pretty good chance that this could be the one time (besides your wedding) that you and your husband or wife get professional photos taken (at least for quite a while), so make it the best session you can!



1. Location, location, location! Pick a photo session location which is important to you and your fiance’. Do you enjoy camping outdoors and hiking? Think about a park or nature area. Are you city-goers? Downtown photo sessions are an easy way to feature your personalities. Is the coastline your favorite hangout? Sunset beachfront photos will almost always be beautiful. Did you go to school with each other? Why don’t you have the photo session at your alma mater. Think of what’s very important to you as a couple; integrate that into your session.

2. Proper grooming – You will be photographed from head to feet during this photo session, for that reason neglect nothing! Be extra careful to carry out any primping which makes you really feel good about your self. Schedule hairstyles, color retouches, any specific waxing (eye brows, and so forth.), and manicures or pedicures ahead of time, so you’re not stressing at the very last minute. Or, contemplate having your hair and makeup carried out by a professional… you are going to feel really more confident and attractive, which will clearly show in the photos.

3. Clothing – Try to be yourselves! Should you think of yourself a casual couple, go for clothes that relate that. For those who dress up frequently, integrate elegant clothing into the photo session. You need to be the very best dressed YOU during your photo session. In picking your attire, your outfits do not have to match the other person. Instead, consider your outfits as just one big ensemble… the colorations and also level of dress must accentuate each other. Its also essential to make certain that your attire is clean as well as wrinkle-free. One small wrinkle may spoil an otherwise great picture.

4. Underwear – Indeed, this matter gets its very own mention It’s essential to have on the appropriate underwear for your outfits. You won’t want to realize afterwards that it’s possible to see your bra (or whatever!) in every picture. Try the actual underwear on with your ensemble ahead of time making sure that the colors don’t show through, absolutely no straps or lines are exposed, and so on.

5. Variety – Bring several garments with you. A few wardrobe changes enables variety in your photos, and a completely different wardrobe can often give a picture a whole unique “feel”.

6. Try to make the session a date! Think of your engagement photo session as a date. This can be a enjoyable, romantic time for you together with your fiance’. Plan a wonderful meal after the session so that you have a little something nice to look forward to. And don’t bring friends… it will make it tougher for you both to be relaxed and intimate in front of the camera if your friends or family are gazing at you.

7. Set your phones, handbags, jackets, and so on. in the vehicle. You will probably be moving about to several different spots, and stopping frequently along the route. You won’t want to have to worry about your personal property while you’re posing for photos. In addition, you want to avoid anything bulky (car keys, cellphones, etc.) in your pockets. You should ask the photographer to carry your keys… we won’t mind!

8. Be adventurous! A photo session sometimes incorporates lying down on the ground, or climbing on benches, walkways, stairs, trees, etc. Don’t be too embarrassed to get a little dirty – if you are tense, it can show. Instead simply just calm down and go with it!

9. Don’t stress! Prepare your clothing ahead of time, and confirm all your scheduled appointments (hair, makeup, and so on.) so you will not be stressing at the last second. If you are stressed out when you arrive for your session, you could have a difficult time relaxing in front of the camera.

10. Last but not least, enjoy yourself! This session is supposed to record a major period in your lives as a couple. Make it fun, and make it about You.