Whether you are an expert Golf player or novice, when it comes to Golf related Apps for Ipad/ Iphone, we would suggest trying out the following. We tried several golf apps and here are our favourite few Golf apps:

1. Caddyr: This Golf app enables your iPhone or iPod touch to be used as a scorecard for your golf games. It is pretty easy to track and save scores with Caddyr. It was free for a while but now it is $19.99 per year.

2. TeeShot: TeeShot golf app is all about tracking your strokes, putts, fairways, clubs, distances, sand saves and much more. It also enables the user to check stats for current round, or for all rounds and then emailing scorecards after a round.

3. vCaddy:: Vcaddy is a very popular golf app. It is GPS enabled for over 6,000 courses and allows scorekeeping for upto four players. This golf app is also made to allow analytics tracking via website for members.

4. Ohmygolf: Oh my golf is another Golf app which offers cool on-demand maps and easy scorekeeping(one handed.) This Golf app is the first golf companion that will let you calculate distances from any point of the hole you’re playing to any other point. Why not give it a try ?

5. GolfCard: Looking for the perfect golf scoring application- you’ll want to check out GolfCard. This excellent Golf app has a 4 1/2 star rating in the Apple App store making it the highest rated paid golf scoring app. It sells for $12.99.

6. Putt reader: Priced at $3.99, Putt Reader Golf app helps you read the greens. The Course Club’s Putt reader is easy to use. Simply set the distance to hole, place your iPhone on the green, and let the application work its magic. The Putt reader will calculate the break or curve of the green, allowing you to line up your putt perfectly.

7. Igolfrules: Our discussion about golf apps would be incomplete without mentioning Igolfrules which is basically a quick reference for Golf rules. When in doubt while playing golf, seek help from Igolfrules. All you have to do to use this golf app is: Click on the section which corresponds to the position of your ball, Click on the headline that applies to your situation and find the correct answer/ procedure within seconds thanks to more than 200 illustrations and animated slide shows.

8. TeetoGreen: TeeToGreen is an easy to use golf application. Some of the features of this $14.99 Golf app are: Information like how far it is to the center of the green and hazards, scorekeeping for the user and his buddies, facility of downloading scorecards and GPS co-ordinates of golf courses from around the world, adding your own landmarks to any hole on any golf course and sharing golf courses with other TeeToGreen users.

9. Airvue Golf: This golf GPS application offers distances, scorecard,club caddy and statistics for your iPhone or iPod touch at $9.99.

10. Birdie: Birdie is another golf scoring application with enhanced features like the built in range finder or the fully automated calculation of score card results. Birdie Golf app not only counts each player’s strokes during a game, it also automatically calculates the game’s results according to different rules including “Stroke Play”, “Stableford”, “Par Event” and “AGS”.

11. Strokes: As the name suggests, Strokes is a golf score tracker app with an attractive stroke count input screen. It also lets you share your score with friends via Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

12. Mycaddie pro: Who doesn’t like a good free app. Mycaddie Pro is a free Golf app with several good features like: Easily customized course maps, visual shot selection, reports revealing trends in your game and scorekeeping, statistics and yardage from one screen with minimal interaction.