Our two best and easiest methods of curing the “computer very slow” problem – adding RAM and organizing and cleaning up your registry. Together you should have a healthier and faster computer.

RAM is Random Access Memory or simply short term memory. Your computer stores certain data in the RAM that it uses frequently or recently so that it can be accessed quickly. This effects dramatically the computer speed. The RAM is different and separate from you regular hard drive memory that stores most of your data, pictures, music, programs, etc.

There are many reasons you could need more RAM. Gaming requires much more memory than just surfing the internet, word processing, etc. But Gaming also requires very fast processor speed. If your computer is slow while play interactive and online games check your game specs and your processor speed. If they are OK then move on to RAM as a possible slow computer fix.

We basically use two operating systems today: Windows XP and Windows Vista. The very slow computer I mentioned earlier had an XP operation system. XP requires or uses a great deal more RAM than the newer Vista. This is a positive for Vista but in my opinion Vista has many short comings. If your operating system uses up 75% of your RAM capacity you will have a slow computer.

Here is a simple way you can determine if your computer’s RAM adequate. And you can do it now as you read. If you right click on your desktop’s lower tool bar (on an empty spot) you will get a pop-up box. Third from the bottom of that list is “Task Manager”. Click on Task Manager and it will bring you up the “Windows Task Manager” that shows the Applications, Processes, etc. that are running now. Look at the bottom of the box and you should see: Processes: 74; CPU Usage: 4%; Physical Memory: 49% (the figures are what my computer is showing right now)

We are concerned only with the CPU Usage and Physical Memory. CPU Usage is how much of your computer’s processor (or you may think of it as “engine”) is being used. The Physical Memory is the RAM. So this gives you an idea of what is going on inside your computer. Simply put: The closer your Physical Memory is to 100% the harder your CPU has to work.

Do this: Let your slow computer sit still for awhile or until the CPU Usage falls to 20% or lower. What is your Physical Memory % now? With your computer basically sitting idol your RAM or Physical Memory should not be higher than 75%. If it is too high in can make your computer very slow.

So what do you do? Add RAM to it. YOU can do it. Take your computer model number and go to the local Best Buy store and ask for RAM of your computer (cost maybe $25). Ask the Geek behind the service counter to “please” show you where to install it. He is probably working on a computer that he can show you on… in two seconds. Go home and stick it in! That’s it. Your computer will find it and start using it.

And maybe your computer will not be slow.

Next, if you have not done a registry check up, do it now. Go to Slow Computer Fix. Every slow computer needs to have a registry check up. Even if the increased RAM helped your computer speed, check the registry. It won’t cost you anything to run the free scan and see what condition it is in.