NOTE: AVG automatically scans files for viruses on your computer at a scheduled time, but this is not the same thing as updating it’s virus data files.  AVG must go onto the Internet to do this. These quick steps will help you to set AVG up for proper use.

To download this program go to and click on the Free Version 6 in the left column. Follow the instructions, i.e. complete the form with your name, country and email address (only the places with * are required). They will email a registration number to you while you are downloading the program. When it asks where to download the file, Accept ‘Save To Disk’ option and save in a folder on your hard drive, i.e. My Documents or one you have created for Downloads. (Remember where you have saved this file!) When the download is completed, open your email program and check for new messages.  You will have received one from AVG Antivirus with your registration number. Make a note of this number. Disconnect from the Internet.

Before installing the AVG Antivirus program, you must uninstall any other Antivirus programs on your computer. (Either select the uninstall option on the Program Menu or open Control Panel then Add/Remove Programs, highlight the old Antivirus program then click on Add/Remove.


1. Double click on the file that you downloaded from the Internet and follow the instructions. Accept any default locations it wants to install itself to. At some point during installation AVG will ask you for the registration number you received by email from them while you were downloading the file.

2. After AVG is installed you will notice a new icon near the clock. This is the AVG Control Center. To open the AVG Control Center, double click on this icon.

3. Click on the Update Manager tab then on the Update Now! button (see diagrams below). AVG will connect to the Internet and update the virus pattern files to the latest ones. (This is extremely IMPORTANT)


Go to Start then Programs then AVG Antivirus System then click on ‘AVG for Windows’. A window like the one below will open. Click on the Scheduler button to set up a daily time for scanning all files on your computer. Thirty minutes after a scheduled update (done in the next step) is a good idea, and then if AVG knows about any new viruses and you may have one, it will find it. ALSO click on Service at the top and go through all the items listed (especially registering and selecting ALL files to be scanned). For further assistance click on the ‘Help’ button for detailed information on setting up the AVG program and what the other buttons do.

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1. Open AVG by clicking on the AVG icon near the clock. This opens AVG’s Control Center (picture below left).

2. Click on the E-mail Scanner tab to set up virus protection for your email.  Also click on the Advanced button for further options to set up.

3. Next, click on the UPDATE MANAGER tab (picture below right). You can schedule a time when AVG will want to connect to the Internet to check for updates.  If you are on Dial-Up make sure you tick the bottom box for user confirmation. When your Dial-Up box comes up at that time you will know it is AVG trying to get onto the Internet to check for updates.

4. Click on the Scheduler tab and make sure the ‘Enable Scheduled Tests’ box is ticked.

5. Click Apply to save your changes and then OK to exit this box.

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Open AVG by double clicking the AVG icon near the clock. The AVG Control Center will open (see left diagram above). Click on the ‘Update Manager’ tab. Click on ‘Update Now!’ (see right diagram). If you are on dial-up, your dial-up box will come up—click on connect and AVG will check for updates.  If there are any AVG will automatically download & install—if there are none AVG will say you are up-to-date. Since AVG does not disconnect, you can then check your mail or go surfing as usual before disconnecting.

AVG can only detect the viruses it knows about. If you don’t update the virus data files regularly, AVG won’t know about the latest viruses. Also, newly discovered viruses will only be detected when AVG has included a cure in it’s virus data files and since it is a 24 hour world regular checking for updates is imperative! (There are about 600 new viruses a month!)

To scan a Floppy Diskette for viruses, insert the floppy, open My Computer, then right-click on the A drive. DO NOT DOUBLE CLICK ON THE A DRIVE! On the list will be Scan with AVG. Click on that and AVG will scan the floppy. If no viruses are found, then you can double click on the A drive and open the floppy safely. For ANY files that you have downloaded or saved, scan either the folder they have been saved in or the file: right click on the file or folder and go down to Scan with AVG. Anything downloaded from the Internet should be scanned before opening!