For both small & big business establishment & well growth capital is primary necessity& with those capitals your business deal with new proposal, can start any new company, buy any new property. For this purpose stocks trading will use to increase capitals at any business sector. In other words Stock characterized share proprietorship in any company by investor &interaction of investor’s fund for share to get right to participate in company decisions as shareholder; with additional shareholder gets chance to vote for each share owned & they can also take participates at company’s profit.On the performance of company share value will go up & down, it means share value can’t stay stable condition.If your company’s finance statement is healthy, then company share will go up but if financial statement is poor, then your share will go down.

Every person can participate to investment at stocks trading operation but only with proper knowledge & planning it will possible to get positive result from this operation. And for it no need to prepare lots of things, just make perfect plan & get simple knowledge then you will be definitely good trader at trading market. It is profitable for every body but just need to keep patience & always need to update your trading strategies.At trading market there are two types of investors are present; one is long term & short term investor.

At long term investment option there is not any risk, it means you are safe at trading market. At this investment also no need to deliberate money use at emergency case& here any company has sure growthbut of course it will take time. Even at any sick company it will raise possibility for healthy growth if that company has long term investment at trading market.

But at short term investment it will sure to get risky at trading market, so before investment must remember that you are going for money investment & it is not a game, so you can’t take it carelessly. Before entering at trading market you should keep 50% of amount in your pocket otherwise you will get complete lose if market will go down. Then at market if you get profit at first investment, then you buy more shares with that profit amount & suddenly stock market fell down, then don’t lose your patience. It will be better for you to keep patience & also wait till market not coming at stable condition. It is the basic rule of trading market. When you are going for investment at any company, at that time your most important job is having proper information about that company on which you want to invest. Otherwise it will be so risky matter at market so as you can just try to collect more & more information about that company. Another matter is IPO where you can come back at market & invest again if you will feel comfortable & well; also it you can invest only one established share stocks, for which you can’t face any lose at trading market.

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