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How to Download the Best Instagram Apk


The Ultimate Revelation Of Instagram Apk Download

It is really not that difficult to find the best Instagram Apk on the internet. With all the different things that can be found on the site and many of them are actually free, it is not that hard to find the right one for you.

On the other hand, there are also many tools available on the various websites that allow you to view the videos as well as make them. You will probably see the most of the free programs but those that will only offer you some basic tools. There are some that will only give you a limited number of things to choose from.

The right one will provide you with the best quality and the best features. As an example, if you want to view the videos in full HD then you need to get one that can offer you that. A program that only can offer you the quality that you are looking for can cost a little bit more but will be worth it.

Visits: https://privatephotoviewer.com/instagram-plus-apk-download/

Offering the best quality will make your users happier. They may not always want to download the videos at full size, they might prefer them at standard sizes. Making them able to download the videos at a very high quality will make them happy.

Another thing you will want to look for is the ability to download videos that you want. If you want to share them with your friends or anyone else then you want to make sure that they can do so. It is also good to have one that allows you to play back the videos as well. This way, you will be able to watch them whenever you want without the need for a computer.

You will also want to make sure that they are able to add videos that you want. It is also not really that difficult to find videos on the website. You will just have to use some keywords in order to find the videos that you want. Most of the videos are already included in the features.

Many people really like using the features and will want the best quality for viewing. That is why it is important to get one that can offer you the best quality and most features. You will want to have a program that can run smoothly and efficiently, without any glitches or any issues that may occur.

It is also important to be able to connect with your customers and the best feature that they would prefer the most is definitely the best quality. It may be slow to load the videos but it is the only one that can give you the highest quality. That will surely bring you more profits as well.

One of the most important things that you want to look for is the downloading options. There are a lot of sites that are offering these programs but you need to make sure that you are getting a program that can offer you the best quality and the best features. It is important to get one that can handle a lot of downloads.

It will normally be five to seven days, that the videos will be downloaded. During this time the video will be on the site until the person who downloaded it gets the membership. So there are a lot of things that you should look for in order to find the best one.

If you want the best of the best then you want to go for a program that can provide you the best features and the best quality. This is the only way that you will be able to make your customers happy. As a customer, you want to be happy so you need to look for the best ones that you can find.

Once you start using this program, you will be amazed how much you can save and how much time you can spend with your family. Make sure that you use one that can make a lot of quality and that can offer you the best features.

An Abundance Of Pyramid Schemes


Are you a candidate for working at home on your computer? You might just be, but there are some hot issues you need to understand first. Not all companies or job sites have legitimate offers. This has become a hot topic as more people have become frustrated after finding out you have to pay so much money to work online. The advertisements in your email box tend to arrive quickly, but the money just never appears. One thing many are unaware of is that you never should pay to work online. You are supposed to be paid for work you do.

One issue that never seems to go away is the pyramid schemes. If you receive an email to join a program free and earn money from your down line, this sounds like the easiest way to make money. In all reality, it is a nightmare. You have to sign up and then “upgrade to a status member” by buying the product in question, whether you want it or not. After that, you are told you can make money from those under you, but only if they in turn buy the product as well. Now the pyramid scheme is taking place.

Therefore, to make twenty dollars, you may have to spend sixty dollars. There is no guarantee that someone under you is going to buy the product. You could wait until the pyramid scheme falls apart and learn a valuable lesson, or you could stay away and look for a more legitimate way to make money. The companies that pay for work done are on the Internet, you just have to know where to look and how to tell if they are legitimate. A legitimate company already has people working for them and has a good standing on the Internet as far as people experiences with the particular company.

There are many websites that offer opinions and advice for working at home and these websites or forums as they are called, offer some valuable information about specific companies and there reputation. A few years back, you may remember hearing about pyramids schemes and other types of moneymaking ideas. If everyone can make money then why are there so many people losing money on these types of pyramids? The answer is quite simple, who has money to buy sixty dollars worth of product that you will never use to make a few dollars.

Therefore, people may be hooked into signing up because the advertisement does not tell you that you have to buy something in order to make money. After you sign up, they continue to send you emails, telling you that someone else has joined under you, “upgrade now” to start making money. Well, in order to upgrade, you are going to have to buy that product and take a chance that someone else will feel the same way. In many cases, you are going to find out that you were the only one to do it.

After waiting to make money, you will give up and be out the sixty dollars for a product you never used. If people would just understand that pyramid schemes only benefit the original product owner, then maybe it would be easier to find real work at home jobs. The Internet would then become a place to find work at home jobs without the need to investigate before applying or signing up for anything.

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Although incandescent lights are still the popular item in the property lighting, LED has in many ways modified mild programs.


Modifying from indicator to the great lighting street lights on the roads in significant places, LED has been approved by the world.

First GaAsP LED lights use LED lights of the remedy will be to generate a organic red. Therefore, the conventional shade is used as the indicator LED lights red. LED lights after the introduction of the first 10 decades, this light produces the mild has been red.

This further increase the variety of programs for LED lights.LED lights progressed from indicator towards house lighting and lighting. With LED lights that can be from the increasing mild, torch industry also started to substitute incandescent lights with LED lights. The lights use of electrical powered power is relatively small, generally do not have to substitute the light. Rolls royce 2010 A8 L sequence designs modified all incandescent lights with LED. Incredibly long assistance lifestyle and reduced power intake LED lights become the best automobile lighting. Moreover, CFL lights, LED Roof Light quite price. Moreover to the big item lighting producers, lighting industry start-ups Change is also working to promote its LED lights.

Link start, the bridge will use a individual LED lights lighting concentrate, so you do not like the conventional streetlights let a stunning indicative car windows.

All You Need to Know about Delete Forever Utility


    Nowadays, memory cards are widely used in cell phones, digital camera models, etc. to save pictures, videos, audio, etc. Today, assigning memory card to friends, new employees, etc. in banks, hospitals, and offices is very familiar. Before this, there is a necessity to completely delete files from memory card. In order to do this kind of operation, each user can do different process. In case, if you wish to know how to erase files forever from memory card, you have to go through this informative article.

    How to can you delete files forever from memory card?

    To keep safe your personal memory card files from unknown users, you can perform different processes such as formatting, re-formatting and deleting the files. Today, it is very common that you think that erasing the memory card files by using “Delete” button can lead to complete deletion of data. But in fact, the file still resides in the same lace. In such case, if you hand over this memory card to your friend then there is possibility that he can misuse it. In the event, if that memory card covers your favorite videos, birthday events of your child, etc. During that time, he can misuse it. To avoid your files from such unknown users, you have to erase it completely by utilizing delete forever utility.

    In few cases, you may format the memory card of any kinds such as SD card, memory sticks, CF cards, etc. to completely delete files. During the same time, if you handover the memory card to other people then there is a likelihood that he may restore your private files by utilizing some third party utilities obtainable on online. This software can ensure data security by making your data irrecoverable by any type of program.

    You may perform reformatting process to erase memory card data permanently from memory card. But there is a possibility of recovery of such data by using third party tools obtainable on online. At this time, you have to use this program to store your data out of reach from other people.

    Astonishing features of this genuine program are:

    It is available with in-built scheduler that helps you to wipe your data forever from memory card as per the scheduled time.

    Even it can completely wipe your hard drive by using “wipe free disk space” option.

    This software has amazing feature like quicker drive shredding speed to delete files from hard drive, memory card and other storage device.

    It is compatible with context menu option that assists you in shredding files and folders on memory card from Windows Operating System of all versions.

    This tool is comes with various medium and high data shredding patterns approved by plenty of government agencies. Medium level data shredding patterns are: NAVSO-RLL, NATO, VSITR and high level data shredding patterns covering DOD 5220.28.M (US Department of Defense Standard), Peter Guttmann, Peter Guttmann + DOD 5220.28.M and other data patterns including Fast Zero Overwrite, Random Zero Overwrite, DOD Standard 5220.28.M STD. By using demo version of this application, you can estimate the performance of this software. Both vice and novice user can use this program to permanently delete data from memory card without difficulty. In order to have more knowledge regarding how to delete data permanently then click here: deleteforever.net.

    Preventive steps to be followed by memory card users:

    Do not exchange your memory card covering valuable data with others.

    In the event, if you have missed your memory card then make sure that the data can be overwritten and cannot be recovered by unknown users by empowering any recovery software.

    All Informative Rules are waiting for You


    For both small & big business establishment & well growth capital is primary necessity& with those capitals your business deal with new proposal, can start any new company, buy any new property. For this purpose stocks trading will use to increase capitals at any business sector. In other words Stock characterized share proprietorship in any company by investor &interaction of investor’s fund for share to get right to participate in company decisions as shareholder; with additional shareholder gets chance to vote for each share owned & they can also take participates at company’s profit.On the performance of company share value will go up & down, it means share value can’t stay stable condition.If your company’s finance statement is healthy, then company share will go up but if financial statement is poor, then your share will go down.

    Every person can participate to investment at stocks trading operation but only with proper knowledge & planning it will possible to get positive result from this operation. And for it no need to prepare lots of things, just make perfect plan & get simple knowledge then you will be definitely good trader at trading market. It is profitable for every body but just need to keep patience & always need to update your trading strategies.At trading market there are two types of investors are present; one is long term & short term investor.

    At long term investment option there is not any risk, it means you are safe at trading market. At this investment also no need to deliberate money use at emergency case& here any company has sure growthbut of course it will take time. Even at any sick company it will raise possibility for healthy growth if that company has long term investment at trading market.

    But at short term investment it will sure to get risky at trading market, so before investment must remember that you are going for money investment & it is not a game, so you can’t take it carelessly. Before entering at trading market you should keep 50% of amount in your pocket otherwise you will get complete lose if market will go down. Then at market if you get profit at first investment, then you buy more shares with that profit amount & suddenly stock market fell down, then don’t lose your patience. It will be better for you to keep patience & also wait till market not coming at stable condition. It is the basic rule of trading market. When you are going for investment at any company, at that time your most important job is having proper information about that company on which you want to invest. Otherwise it will be so risky matter at market so as you can just try to collect more & more information about that company. Another matter is IPO where you can come back at market & invest again if you will feel comfortable & well; also it you can invest only one established share stocks, for which you can’t face any lose at trading market.

    It is true that stocks trading is so easy to understand & so profitable operation for everybody but if you haven’t proper knowledge about it, then enter at trading market will be so risky for you. So you must visit at that site where you can get complete information about trading market & its rule. And this work only http://www.timothysykes.com/ is best choice for you; because here given information will so valuable when you will stand at trading market. If you want to be good trader then you must follow quality & informative site, then your dream will come true. And for giving shape to your dream this site is projected, so just keep trust on this site.

    Some Ways To Increase Your SEM Skills


    If your new to SEM it stands for Search Engine Marketing and you use search engines like Google, Yahoo, & MSN to get your traffic by paying for it. That is called PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. If your super new go research these terms and learn about landing sites, split testing, and the other factors which influence your results.

    For those of us who are already signed up and are already running campaigns, you might be asking yourself how can you improve your overall performance. First off there are several performance factors that you should always be considering throughout your campaigns, the most obvious is testing different variations of your landing page in order to improve how well it converts.

    If your using Google Adwords you can use their Website Optimizer which enables you to cross test anything at all on your landing pages, test one thing at a time, test different images, different ad copies, different background colors, different fonts, each time one beats out the other stick with the winner. This will enable you to increase your sales.

    If your wondering what good testing your fonts, and colors is compared to your ad copy, well its actually quite important, for instance Page A has a visitor length of 5 seconds but Page B which has different colors that flow nicely and are more targeted to your overall page might have a longer visitor length, the reason why I test my colors and font is to increase your visitor length, not even increase your sales but defiantly increase your visitor length to longer then 30 seconds, that will give you enough time to keep their attention on the page, from there you can split test your ad copy and the other factors that influence conversions more then the others.

    But this post isn’t really about split testing or tracking your visitor length its more about what can you do once you know all of that stuff, what else can you do for ideas when your already doing everything above and more, maybe there are things that others are doing to increase sales that you don’t know about so how can you figure those things out or increase your creativity when dealing with your own campaigns.

    The simple answer is you watch what the next guy is doing and you can ether test their technique out or you can just ignore it because not everyone is going to have the proper solution, what I like to do is continually watch new (FREE) Adwords videos, I used to watch a bunch by Pery Marhall and even though there was nothing new in what he was saying, it gave me more ideas to test for my own campaigns.

    Earlier today I was checking out some sites recommended by SEOMoz and I came across one called Marketing Pilgrim, by the way if your looking for some advertising they charge $2,000 per month for a 125×125 banner on their site. Anyway SEOMoz is pretty good and I figured they probably recommend some alright sites so I decided to check it out and I came across an article about Adwords Tycoons.

    What they are doing is having a so called limited entry online class to teach you how they make over $500,000 a month, now I encourage you to click on their link right now and look at their landing page and laugh because it sucks hardcore, its got crappy scam written all over it. But the course was free so I signed up and watched their first introductory video, the class doesn’t start until the 16th of June or something, not exactly sure.

    The first video showed a bit of so called proof (Can easily be faked) of how they made just over $7,000 in a single day and what there daily average usually is which stands just over $3,000 per day. Pretty good results if they are real.

    Now there video was showing their Click Bank stats and that alone has eBook loosers written all over it, I suggest that you don’t promote scam Internet marketing eBooks but what I’m getting at doesn’t involve selling eBooks or promoting products through Click Bank its to watch what others are doing or have done to give you more ideas for your own campaigns.

    So this is what I do, if its free I’ll sign up for the course and see what they say, do, or better yet don’t do. Most of the time you should have common sense to say this guy or chick is an idiot and doesn’t know anything, but when your watching the useless videos ask yourself how you can better avoid any mistakes you see or how can you improve upon your campaigns by what you’ve seen, the trick is not to watch these videos and think before how much its going to increase your sales because that rarely happens.

    The real trick is to watch and say ok I should avoid this, that, and that, however he might be onto something with point D, maybe I’ll test it and see where it takes me. By doing this it will increase your creativity and give you more ideas to test in your own campaigns, most might fail but the ones that work make you one step closer to increasing your overall cash flow.

    Just remember bad information is just as good as good information the only difference is most people don’t know how to learn from bad information and end up making those mistakes for themselves, which in a way isn’t always bad because you’ll know what not to do next time around.



    A Study in Static is the fourth small expansion for Android: Netrunner and is the fourth data pack in the Genesis Cycle, a series of six small expansions for the game. It adds twenty new cards to the game – these cards are contained in triplicate in the pack so you have a full playset of the cards for deckbuilding purposes.

    Here are the five things you really need to know about Android: Netrunner – A Study in Static – at least, these were the features that leaped out at me.

    1. Runners get a powerful new economic engine.
    Underworld Contact is a neutral resource that costs two credits to play. Once it’s in play, when your turn begins, you gain a credit if you have at least two Link. This is almost an automatic three-of in a Kate McCaffrey deck and will find a home in quite a few other runner decks as well.

    The power of this card is that it makes Link still useful even if you’re not facing a corporation that’s going to be running traces against you. There are many corporation decks against which Link doesn’t really do anything at all because that corporation isn’t interested in running traces. With Underworld Contact, playing a Link-boosting card isn’t a waste because it turns on this very powerful money-making engine.

    The obvious comparison here is with the Corporation card PAD Campaign, which has the same effect of giving the player a credit each turn. However, in PAD Campaign’s case, the Corporation has to devote a server to it and protect it in some fashion to generate income from it. In Underworld Contact’s case, the only protection you need is to ensure that you avoid getting tagged.

    I haven’t glanced at Kate in quite a while. This card alone made me build a new Kate deck, and I’m loving it. I’m wishing I had more copies of Underworld Contact for my other decks, too.

    2. The Criminal sub-theme of derezzing ice gets a boost.
    The ability to derez a piece of ice is apparently becoming a Criminal theme. The last expansion, Cyber Exodus, gave the Criminals the rather powerful Emergency Shutdown, while this expansion gives them the similarly powerful Crescentus.

    Crescentus gives Criminals (and other runners who want to spend a faction point) a program that costs a single memory unit and one credit to play. It has a pretty impressive ability, though – you can trash it to derez a piece of ICE that you’ve broken through.

    This has two effects. First, it enables runners to drastically reduce the threat of strong ICE provided they can break through it once. Even better, it causes Corporations to think twice about even utilizing heavy hitter ICE because they know that if the runner can break through it, they’re going to have to pay the steep cost of rezzing that ICE again. A Corporation player is going to have to think seriously about whether rezzing Tollbooth is worth it when the Runner has a code gate breaker out there alongside Crescentus.

    3. Haas-Bioroid gets to dip its toes in deck thinning
    Green Level Clearance is a 1-cost Operation (of subtype Transaction) that rewards the player of the card with three credits and a card draw.

    On the surface, this card seems pretty dull. Why would you spend a card slot in your deck on a card that just profits you two credits once?

    The catch is in the “draw a card” portion of the text. Effectively, this card turns a 49 card Corporation deck into 46 cards for the Corporate player. When you play this card, you don’t just get the two credits – you get another card in your hand to replace it, immediately.

    Green Level Clearance essentially “vanishes” into the mix, as it effectively means that a couple times during the game, you can spend an action to gain two bits. That’s powerful. That makes a corporation deck more consistent than before without reducing the card count.

    Remember that as a Corporation player, a lower card count (45 versus 49, for example) means a higher proportion of Agendas in your deck, which means that a Runner has a better chance at snagging an Agenda when they run against your library or your hand. In exchange for that higher proportion, you get a more consistent deck. Green Level Clearance essentially lets you have it both ways – it allows a 48 card deck to play with the consistency of a 45 card deck, or a 49 card deck play with the consistency of 46. It’s a surprisingly powerful boon.

    4. The best ICE in the game are now available to Corporations on the first turn.
    Oversight AI is a Weyland operation that costs just one credit, but it lets the Corporate player rez a piece of ICE of their choice immediately without paying any costs. There is a drawback to this, of course – if the Runner manages to bust through it, you lose the ICE.

    However, if you manage to rez a copy of, say, Archer on the first turn, the Runner is going to have a hard time breaking through that card for quite a while. It’s going to cost them a pretty penny to defeat it, giving you several early turns to run shenanigans behind that ICE.

    Sure, you’re going to eventually lose that ICE when the Runner is finally able to handle it, but with something brutal like Hadrian’s Wall or Toolbooth or particularly Archer, you’re going to slow the Runner down to a crawl during the early turns. Sneak through a Project Atlas or another nasty Agenda and you’re going to be sitting pretty very early in the game.

    5. Click denial is starting to become a theme for both sides, but the Corporation gets a fascinating tool.
    False Lead is a neutral Agenda that costs three advancement to score and is worth one agenda point, but it has a pretty brutal ability. The Corporation can sacrifice False Lead at any time to cause the Runner to lose two clicks – half of their turn, in other words.

    A single False Lead, timed correctly, can devastate a Runner’s turn. Two False Leads sacrificed can become an extra turn for the Runner, enabling him to score something like Priority Requisition or even Mandatory Upgrades without any interference at all.

    Click denial is starting to emerge as an interesting subtheme across several cards, but I consider this to perhaps be the most interesting card of all. It can really create some devastating situations and choices.

    Overall Thoughts
    From my perspective, the first three Android: Netrunner expansions mostly expanded on themes already present in the Core Set. Sure, there were a few odd cards that touched on other themes, but the sets almost entirely expanded upon themes that were already strong with the initial core set.

    A Study in Static, however, seems to take many of the factions in somewhat new directions. There are very few cards that easily fit into the pre-existing deck types from the Core Set and earlier expansions.

    For players who just want more cards for the decks they’ve already built, A Study in Static might be rather disappointing. In fact, if you’re buying your first Data Pack after picking up the Core Set, A Study in Static should be the last one you pick.

    On the other hand, if you enjoy trying out new and novel approaches to the game and want to build decks that try new tactics such as click denial and Runner ICE management, A Study in Static is going to provide you with quite a few interesting tools. In terms of building decks that feel fresh to me, A Study in Static is the best data pack yet.

    The Benefits Of Using Social Networks



    A social network service is a computer network that people use to form social ties or social networks with others who share the same personal or professional interests, activities, profiles or personal life connections. Through these networks, individuals share personal information about themselves and their lives. People use the network to stay in touch with their loved ones, maintain personal relationships, make friends, develop business relationships and keep in touch with colleagues, fellow students or others who share their professional interests.

    There are many different types of social networks that you can use on your computer. There are some free websites that provide their users with an opportunity to form a network through a social site. Some of these websites provide users with a chance to build a large network through the use of blogs, forums, message boards, and emails to others within the network.

    When you register on a website, you will be given a link which is used to let other users know when you update people’s profile information. When a person in the network you are using uses the service to find out more information about you or to contact you for any other reason, your profile will be updated. Once this happens, your name will be listed as a member of the network, and other members will see this.

    In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of social media sites that have come online. Many social networking sites, such as MySpace, Friendster and Yahoo! 360, have become huge successes.

    While each social networking site offers its own set of benefits, there are a lot of other advantages that can be found using various different services. These sites offer their users the ability to create pages, send messages, create albums, create contacts, share pictures, and search for information. In addition, there are a number of free features that users may be interested in taking advantage of.

    Social networks have proven to be a useful tool for people to keep in touch with one another. The benefits that are offered by using these networks include making new friends, maintaining existing relationships, developing business relationships, staying in touch with others that are similar to yourself, and building an identity. The list of advantages that a user will find when using a social network has grown steadily in recent years.



    How Social Networking Is a Key to Online Marketing Success?


    Social Networking is very important as it helps individuals to connect with others, improve their skills, learn from others, build social networks, and find people with similar interest. It is not a new concept as the Internet was actually built on social networking; however, it has become increasingly popular in the last couple of years as more people are using it. In fact, it has become a key component of business marketing campaigns.

    If you are running your own business, you need to think about social networking as one of the best ways to reach out to your customers. As you know, Internet marketing is not as popular as it was in the past because people have other ways of getting information and interact with others, especially if they are using dial up connections. If you want to use Social Networking to your advantage, you will need to learn the ropes. You can do this by joining a few of the top social sites in your niche, or you can join several social networks that are related to your business. This is the first step towards a successful social networking marketing campaign.

    source : https://fbhtool.com/free-tik-tok-likes-followers-generator/

    If you have not tried Social Networking, there is no better way for you to start learning the ropes of Internet marketing and how to market your business online. You will need to sign up for a free account with at least two or three of the top sites in your niche. Once you have set up an account, you will need to find friends from your area who are also looking for ways to network with others in the same niche or you can take advantage of the social networks you already have.

    The best place to start is a freebie blog. Not only will these blogs give you tips, strategies and advice, but you will also meet other bloggers. These bloggers are willing to share tips, strategies, products and freebies for you to use.

    While you may feel uncomfortable posting your profile online, don’t let that stop you from interacting with other people as it will help you get to know them more and you will be able to interact with them as a real person. You should also consider adding your email address on your profile. because then you will be able to receive free gifts and emails.

    Remember, social networking is not just about networking with others but it is also about networking with the Internet users around the world. You can become successful in your online marketing campaign if you build relationships with people you come into contact with. Make friends with people, get tips and advice, learn to communicate, and network, and share ideas.


    Circles of Trust


    Hopefully I have not given away too much in the title, but if you’ve made it this far, you are perhaps somewhat interested in what I do for a living, how I came to be on Google+, what insights this young whippersnapper could possibly have to impart. (With any luck, you also agree that a well-placed Meet The Parents reference never goes amiss.)

    So again, hello. As you might guess from my profile, I am an actor-writer-producer working in the two US cities where those professionals are typically found. In a previous life, I briefly plied my wares in the dotcom dales of Silicon Valley and in Redmond WA; which seemed the natural path for a geeky girl graduating with an EECS degree from Berkeley. And then there’s the other thing. Why yes, well guessed – I am black. African-American if you like (though not quite that either, as my passport is not blue.) A person of colour (with a u, if you don’t mind). Frankly, I tend to refer to myself more as being melanin-fortified. It gives an extra bit of a kick to match the afro pick.

    I was invited to Google+ on Beta Day 2 by +Kenny Yu, an MIT grad with whom I worked during a college summer internship in the technology division of a certain (particularly notorious) investment bank. Like many of my old techie friends, Kenny continues to be bemused by my unchecked enthusiasm for Google products. Over the years, I have socially networked on Friendster, Orkut (I know), Facebook, Nerve (hey yohh), and Twitter (only becoming active 6 months ago, for shame.) The extent of my activity on MySpace was a skeletal profile boasting Tom as my only friend. Which naturally leads us to Google+; where I once more have the pleasure of including +Tom Anderson in my special circles, only voluntarily this time.

    Quite unlike any of my previous experiences in social media, the philosophy behind Google+ neatly mirrors my own – marrying my myriad spheres of interest with my passion for exploration. With one quick peep at a G+ profile, I can populate and fortify my little village with interesting views from all over the world. Creepy and exhilarating all at once!

    But in my very first Hangout on the Plus, a strange thing happened. I had +Mike Downes in my circles because we have the UK in common and he’s active in new business and cultural development in his local area, but we’d never previously spoken. Once I got in the Hangout however, I was suddenly aware of my being in the presence of older, white, middle-class, almost certainly heterosexual males (per their profiles or my own conjecture), and was rendered instantly camera-shy and tongue-tied. A fearful doe trapped in the big, bad lion’s den of the Interwebs. I exaggerate of course, but this is learned behavior that a darker-complected girl might well take on once she unpacks her bags and settles down in America.

    With the current Arrington vs. O’Brien CNN faceoff and with each public kerfuffle on the topic of race in this country, I rehash incidents from my own life as a perpetual other. For good or ill, I reside at the unmarked intersection between technology, high society and street culture. I write at turns in Franglais, Russian, Yoruba, American Southern argot and various pidgins and patois. I am frequently told I “act bougie” (as in bourgeois), that I “don’t sound black at all”, or that I have a “male sense of humour”.

    I bristle at any and all of these, but will admit to having developed some skill in the art of code-and-context-switching. And I don’t mean the computer science kind. Forgive my Harvard for showing, but I’d be answerable to quite a few minority folk if I didn’t drop some W.E.B. Du Bois right here. Double consciousness, or always seeing oneself through the eyes of others, is a concept that’s likely familiar to anyone outside the dominant culture; anyone who’d have had anything resembling the reaction I had to encountering +Mike Downes and +Lord Miles Parker (who, naturally, turned out to be perfectly harmless and who indeed were gracious enough to share quite a few tech tips and even some entertainment industry related tidbits! We now have a little mutual appreciation society going, by the way, and I highly recommend both for your encircling pleasure).

    But this tale of fleeting discomfort leads me to now point out the notion of privilege – in real-life society, as well as online. Equality is paramount among social issues of personal interest to me, and that means equality for people of all shades, for women, the LGBTQ-identified, the mentally ill, the non-religious, and every other identifier that describes me and the peeps in my circles. In an insightful article I came across recently by blogger Jeff “Dark Spirit” Adams, he offers the following tale from This is Water, a novel by the late David Foster Wallace,

    There are these two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says ‘Morning, boys. How’s the water?’ And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then eventually one of them looks over at the other and goes, ‘What the hell is water?”

    According to the wisdom of Jeff (himself a self-confessed member of the dominant culture, i.e. a white boy), creating change is about changing perception, educating yourself, and finally joining the conversation.

    My tenure on Google+ reinforces my hope that conversations and exchange can indeed change the world. One last quote if I may – it’s one of my favorites and is quite apt advice for a happy experience online and off.

    Veux-tu des perles? Plonge-toi dans la mer. [Do you want pearls? Dive into the sea.]

    More Fun Stuff!

    Your Life of Privilege by Jeff “Dark Spirit” Adams : on Nerdiest Kids

    The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl :a webseries by +Issa Rae

    Google Search:“W.E.B Dubois double consciousness”

    If you liked this article, please share it!

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